All software proposed in this section are fully available and free to use. Source code is fully available under GITHUB, anyway if you enjoy one of it, you can make a free donation to support cost related to "pizza", "boeuf bourguignon", "jack-daniels", or everything can help a "software designer" to subsiste !!



Arduino / C++

  • YACL :  "Yet Another Command Line". Yet Another Command Line: YACL is an Arduino Library consisting in a simple and powerfull cmd parser. This library is for handling commands over i.e. serial and short data transfers.
  • YASP"Yet Another Serial Plotter". Yet Another Serial Plotter: YASP is a combination of the standard “Arduino Serial Monitor” and the “Arduino Serial Plotter”. You can either send and receive data via the monitor, the plotter part can receive data from an Arduino, or any serial source, by parsing specially formatted messages.

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CKEditor Plugins


Windows / Visual Studio

  • Windows Navigator Killer : "virus" warning popped up! Blue Screen!. Don't call that number! Don't get scammed!. This "Windows Navigator Killer" will allows to kill "Navigator Processes" through a graphical interface
  • Chrome Navigator Killer : This is a "Light Version" of the "Windows Navigator Killer" Without graphical interface, dedicated for "Chrome" only.
  • Image To WEB :This is an utility who will add "contextual Menu" for images, to allows to reduce the wheight of pictures files in "One Click".