Installation & Tips

Installation / Usage

  1. Download source files and place them on to be created "yaqr" folder under the CKeditor's plugin base.

  2. Define plugin in CKEDITOR config object.

    CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins = 'yaqr';  
  3. Set your CKEDITOR language if you did not set it yet.

    CKEDITOR.config.language = 'en'; 
  4. You're Done !!

Specific Widget Configuration

You can define default widget configuration. The default config is :

	// default accepted tags, can be overriden by config file
	defaultConfig = {
		defQrUrl: "",  // Default URL when creating a new QR-Code
		defTargetBlank: true,               // Target Link Mode (if true target = "_blank" else target = "_self")
		defQRSize: "100px",                 // QR Image size
		defCellSize: 6,                     // Points size for QR-Code
		defMargin: 10,                      // Space between QR-Code and Border
		colorPt: "#000000",                 // QR Points Color
		colorBg: "#ffffff",                 // BackGround Color
		borderWidth: 2,                     // Border Width
		borderColor: "#000000",             // Border Color
		correctionLevel: "Q"                // Correction Level (possible values : "L"=Low, "Q"=Quality, "M"=Medium, "H"=High)

If you like to change a sedault parameter, just insert in your config.js file something like :

	config.yaqr = {
		defQrUrl : "",
		defQRSize: "25%",
		defCellSize: 8,
		defMargin: 20,
		colorPt: "#00FF00",
		colorBg: "#ff0000",
		borderColor: "#0000FF"

Just a note about "defCellSize"

This represent the number of pixels used to generate each point of the QR-Code. If you put a low value, the generated image (I mean the "..." string) will be small, but the payoff will be that the image resolution is not very good, so if you increase it size, result will be blurry !.
I choosed "6" for default as it' a quite good compromize.

Bugs & Known Issues

None as today


Currently plugin supports the following languages.

Translations are welcomed.

CKEditor versions

New version 1.0 (September. 01 2017) has been tested on

Plugin By Cricri042